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I’m so proud to be a Founder of this game-changing community of artists-supporting-artists! Years ago, mentorship by a Master Artist changed the trajectory of my career, I’ve made that experience more affordable, accessible, and fun. Join our amazing community of artists.


Are you an aspiring, emerging or professional Artist who would like to:

  • grow your confidence
  • develop your talent
  • hone your technique
  • build your portfolio
  • learn the business of art
  • receive mentorship from a Master Artist
  • join a trusted small group of peers

If yes, then this is for you!

Member Testimonial

“I joined the Mastrius Mentorship group with @artistheatherpant a few months ago and it’s been amazing to connect with and learn from @artistheatherpant, @heatherkinahanart, and all the other artists! It’s been such a rewarding experience, particularly living in a remote community during covid times. It’s so nice to share your artistic journey with others.”

~ Niki – Emerging Artist




I’m so please to be MENTORING at Mastrius! If you’re an Aspiring Artist looking for support, instruction, regular feedback on your work in a non-competitive community, then JOIN ME!

The FOCUS of my mentorship will be on helping you find YOUR ARTISTIC VOICE, UNIQUE STYLE and COMPOSITION as well as:

Areas of focus:

  • Composition
  • Technique: Glazing and Veils
  • Finding your style and voice
  • Providing Art Critiques
  • Teaching How to Self Critique

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