Artist Statement

My life is art. It’s about the creation of art, the support of artists, and impacting the world positively through art. I believe in and am building a non-competitive community where artists can grow their skills and pursue their passions together, because

ART is powerful and purposeful. 

Art changes our perspective and opens us up to something much deeper, higher, and grander than ourselves.

Creating unique impressions of the world as I see and experience it, is life-giving to me, and it seems, to those who enjoy my work. I am a deep-welled person, sensitive in every way a person can be, which heightens my awareness and ability to connect with people through my art. Though it also makes life more painful, it also makes it more beautiful and I’m grateful for it.

My bold, flowing paintings capture the interaction I experience with nature. God says “the sky speaks, the heavens proclaim, even the rocks cry out, the mountains and hills break into singing, the trees of the forest sing for joy!” This is what I hope to capture in my work. The lyrical music and movement of creation’s song, to the Creator.

THIS is my JOY and PURPOSE in creating art, to translate my experience into a visual, inspiring, joy-filled, and powerful visual display.

I paint in fluid acrylic, in thin layers of glazes and veils, which add interest, vibrancy and depth to my work. If you look closely, you’ll see many layers and hints of magenta – my underpainting color of choice – peaking through around every curve. It’s eye-candy for the brain!

I was self-taught for 7 years before I realized, I don’t know, what I don’t know, and then began my pursuit of learning, growth and mastery. I have now benefited immensely from the mentorship, friendship and instruction of master artists such as: David Langevin, Mitchell Albala, and Milisa Galazzi, to name a few.

What I have learned from other artists has not only changed the quality of my work, but also the trajectory of my career and my enjoyment in creating. We grow faster and farther when we journey together. It’s a fact.

I paint and work from my home studio in Bearspaw, Alberta, Canada, where beneath it all, I am a happily exhausted mother of three, married to my best friend, business partner, and husband of 25 years. When I’m not “being” an artist, I’m growing our company (Mastrius) to support artists through interactive mentorship with Master Artists, in a supportive, non-competitive, goals-focused community. Mastrius offers a unique, powerful and affordable opportunity for growing artists to secure success and experience joy. And it’s growing like wildfire!

~ Julie deBoer

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