Commissioned work is an artist’s greatest challenge and privilege! Whether working from a photo, sketch, childhood memory, or rough idea, my goal is to create an original piece of artwork, working in partnership with the client; to transform the client’s vision, blended with my skill and stlye, into a reality on canvas.

I have had the pleasure of tackling this challenge many times. I appreciate each client I have worked with, as it has always been a team effort. Although commissioned work can be challenging, it is always ripe with reward. I welcome the opportunity to grow as an artist through commissioned work.

The Process

PLEASE NOTE: All payment transactions are processed through my galleries.

The process starts with a conversation about ideas, colors, subject matter and feelings the client wants to convey in the piece. I then provide thumbnail (small) sketches, working out composition, balance and other artsy things….then I get feedback from the client on these sketches. Sometimes tweaks are needed, more sketches, more collaboration but eventually, when everyone is happy, I get started on the painting. When the painting is about 95% complete I send a photo of it to the client, small adjustments can be made at this point. Once complete the painting is sealed, varnished and delivered or shipped to the client.

Below are selected commissions I have created.
Together On the Prairies    20 x 30

I painted this piece for a lovely married couple who had spent a lifetime together on the prairies. After his terminal cancer diagnosis, this is how they chose to remember their years together. His wish, that she could look at this painting everyday to remember him and their love for the prairies, their roots and life together.

The white house and red barn from her family farm, the bright sun breaking through the clouds…a memory of life and love together. An absolute honour for me to paint for them.

Julie, I thought I’d tell you how much we are enjoying the painting. I was thinking of you as I was driving through the beginnings of a thunderstorm. The clouds and light were just like they are in your paintings! Thank you again for bringing us this joy.

The Sky is the Limit

36 x 36


The Road Less Travelled

36 x 36



36 x 36


Light In the Darkness

12 x 12


The Promise Of Rain

24 x 30


A New Day

24 x 48


Every Day

30 x 48


Home is Where the Heart Is (Triptych)

24 x 48


God’s Country

30 x 40


 Rhythms of Grace

8 x 8


Badlands To the Bone – Stumpcraft Puzzles

30 x 36


Prairie Giants

20 x 40


After the Fire

24 x 48



16 x 20


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