2 NEW Prints Released!

“Hi Julie,  I love your work so much and I’m so glad you’ve made it affordable for me! The print arrived today and we couldn’t be happier!! It’s beautiful and it fits our spot perfectly. You are so talented. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us! We really really appreciate it.”     

~ Denise 


Only 25 prints available! I limit the quantity to increase the value of the print for the collector. If you own one of the 25 prints, you own a piece of a Limited Collection


I paint on the print to make it unique and one-of-a-kind so it’s more than just a print, this also increases the value for the collector


Printed on Certified Archival Quality matte canvas, third-party tested and approved by the Fine Art Trade Guild, this canvas is built to last a 100 years

Once or twice a year I release a new Limited Edition, Embellished print for my collectors who are on a budget. I believe that EVERYONE should be able to collect my work and I commit to providing affordable artwork.


Autumn Glory

12 x  12  


The Harvest Dance

12″ x  12″


Little House On the Prairie

12″ x  12″    (only a few left!)

Comin’ Round the Mountain

12″ x 12″

Get the PUZZLE!

Light In the Darkness

12″ x 12″

In the Stillness

12″ x 12″


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