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AMA Ask Me Anything! With Julie deBoer

Julie throws the doors wide open, answering artists’ questions on finding your style, how to find success quickly, and shares how she found her artistic voice… and more! 

Art Chat  Julie deBoer and Linda Fisler

Linda interviews Julie de Boer, Founder of Mastrius. Julie talks about her art journey and why Mastrius was founded in this informative chat. Creating a community where artists feel safe to discuss their journeys and are provided with caring mentors who help artists reach their dreams and goals.

Prolific with Colin Morris

How Julie turned her negative experience as a professional artist during the pandemic, into a thriving business that supports a huge, global community of artists. 

How Mastrius Was Born… Julie’s Story.   

Julie DeBoer

Join Julie as she paints a whimsical landscape in her signature style.

Painting Challenge with Julie deBoer

MADE Remarkable PODCAST … with Kellee Wynne & Julie deBoer                            Growing your art business faster with mentorship and community.

Julie DeBoer & Kellee Wynne

The Artist Diaries … Going Deep Beyond the Palette by MASTRIUS

Julie DeBoer & Victor Wang

The Artist Diaries … Going Deep Beyond the Palette by MASTRIUS

Julie DeBoer & Annae Jones

Online Demo with OPUS

Acrylic Stylized Landscapes with Julie DeBoer

Mastrius Painting Challenge

Julie deBoer & Brenda Walker


Julie deBoer & Jennifer Steck

Mastrius Painting Challenge

Julie deBoer & Dalibor Dejanovic

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